Photo of Adam A. Jammary
Adam A. Jammary (33)
Senior Software Engineer

Hi, and welcome to my personal website.

I have developed Voya Media which is free, open-source and provides one central place to play and organize all your music, pictures and videos.

It currently only works in Windows, but I am re-programming it using C++ and SDL2 to produce a cross-platform product for Windows, Linux and MacOSX environments, and hopefully also for Android and iOS devices.

The Software section contains all the software projects I have developed, you will find my Games, Multimedia and System applications, Web design demos and dynamic web tools.

You will find details about my professional background such as Education, Work Experience, Certifications etc. under CV.

I spend much of my time studying, and thanks to modern technology anyone with a decent internet access can study whatever subject their heart desires.

Under Educational Videos you will find YouTube playlists to university lectures from elite universities such as MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Yale etc., and a range of subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics and Psychology.

I have added some funny YouTube video clips from my favorite TV Shows, including American Dad, Family Guy, Futurama, Simpsons and South Park.

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